Susan Jamieson

Dr Susan Jamison, M.D, is Scottish and Harvard trained doctor and medical intuitive, specialising in integrative medicine, connecting eastern and western philosophies; mind body and spirit. During her 30 years of running an integrative medical practice in Hong Kong,, she has also become doctor to most of the world’s most famous rock stars, and she contributes to arts sites on performers’ life management. She speaks internationally and leads senior executive leadership training with companies such as Bank of America. She is also a published author and filmmaker in the mind -body -spirit arena, an artist, and recipient of awards for her international and local humanitarian work. Her passion is to share her knowledge of our beings as light, electromagnetic energy, on a physical and consciousness level.

This is the concept of unity consciousness where we are all one interconnected and interdependent. This includes not only humans but our planet and the natural world in which we are surrounded. In integration, she specializes in assisting not only integrating different healing methods, but using the somatic arts to integrate our psyche. She remembers that in former ages, physicians recognized that true wholeness and healing could only be reached through embracing our own wholeness and knowledge of the innate interconnectedness of all things.