Dr. Ludovic KRUNDEL

Ludovic is a research scientist passionate about cybernetics, machine learning, mobile robotics, quantum physics as well as trans-techs and their implications in our modern and future societies. He is a microelectronic and robotic designer, now turned into entrepreneur.

Looking to make a positive difference with Artificial Intelligence (AI), few years ago Ludovic won an IEEE Presidents’ Change the World Humanitarian Prize for his project using AI in a novel scalable water purifier developed by a colleague’s team in China.

For nearly 15 years Ludovic has extensively researched the ins and outs of AI in Robotics given new knowledge of Quantum Physics and consciousness studies as well as psychology and with a dash of philosophy. He has published and presented many articles around the globe in renowned conferences. Ludovic has notably worked with Philips Research Labs, Eindhoven, Holland and ARM Ltd., Cambridge, UK, and now regularly intervenes as a consultant at various high-tech companies.

Ludovic holds a PhD in Engineering specialised in the concerns of “Developing AI in Hardware, with Ethics” at Loughborough University, UK and two Master’s Degrees in Microelectronics and Robotics from Montpellier University, France.

At the end of his PhD he went on a business competition for several weeks, finished as runner-up team, in Birmingham, UK. That long intense workshop is called “mini MBA”. Then in the months before coming to Shenzhen and joining the SIAT - Chinese Academy of Sciences, he attended a long business workshop series backed up by UK government, where he notably got complete tools to write a business plan and set up a whole company prototype.

Ludovic is now working on very advanced AR/MR/VR projects as well as contributing to smart fancy robotic products and a famous translation app with AI as well as teaching Sciences, Technologies, Engineering plus more at various Universities in Guangdong and has recently joined the School of Design and Digital Multimedia at Hong Kong PolyU where he also teaches transformative techs as well as VR design.