Joe Hudson

Joe is the founder and managing director of One Earth Capital. He has over twenty years of corporate experience in helping build companies in personal development, sustainable agriculture, and financial services. Joe has worked closely with a diverse array of organizations, including Barclays Global Investors, Wells Fargo Bank, The Bureau of Reclamation, as well as smaller entrepreneurial companies across six continents.

Joe has committed himself to a life of self-exploration and inner reflection across multiple platforms – neurological, psychological, and spiritual.

For the past fifteen years, Joe has also been deeply involved in philanthropy. His projects include improving education in inner cities and the restoration of several riparian habitats in the South West United States.

Alongside his role as venture capitalist, he is also the managing director of the DBJ Foundation. He spearheaded the first venture capital company to focus on sustainable agriculture and was the largest investor in the first sustainable agriculture IPO on Nasdaq. He has served on the board of directors of both public and private companies and has helped many of these companies realize exponential growth.

A wife and two young daughters are the center of Joe’s life. He also spends time traveling around the world learning tools that help him enable others to be deeply authentic.