Alexandros Pagidas

Alexandros Pagidas is a philosopher and entrepreneur. He finished his BA in Philosophy at the American College of Greece (Deree) and his MA in Philosophy at the University of Reading. After moving to San Francisco, he co-organized events on evolving ideas into startups hosted by Microsoft and Google, co-founded Patent Safari, a startup that automatically tracked IP online that eventually transformed into a boutique patent firm, was philosopher-in-residence at Silicon Valley startup accelerator, and co-founded TheGlint, a multi-disciplinary live-work community in San Francisco dedicated to redesigning heroism. After living in Tibetan and Zen Buddhist monasteries in Nepal and Japan, serving as a soldier to artillery units in the Greek military, becoming a certified sailor and working anew as a patent specialist, he spent the last two years producing and posting over 220 pages of philosophical reflections, a short film, and a small book of aphorisms & observations. He recently co-founded The Philosophical Fight Club, a workshop that integrates martial arts and philosophy, and is currently appointed as a Project Associate at the Hong Kong Polytechnic, in the School of Design, doing research on designing spaces that facilitate self-development through pedagogy, technology and experience design.