26-28 October 2017

The Conference

Three Days of Powerful Talks, Workshops, Exhibitions, Performances and many more ...
26 October 2017

An immersive 3-day event for the sharpest minds on our planet to explore the greatest mystery of our age to reveal our fullest potential.

Based in China and hosted by Crystal Globe Enterprises, the Consciousness, Science, Technology & Society (CSTS) Conference take an Eastern approach toward understanding consciousness and bring together leading experts from the East and West to explore the science that relates mind, body, and behavior. The event will also showcase new technologies, products, and services that promote mental and emotional well-being, ultimately for the benefit of society.

What is CSTS?

CSTS will take an Eastern Approach toward understanding consciousness.

The key difference between Eastern and Western thought is that the core of Western knowledge has emerged from a dualistic understanding of mind and matter while Eastern science and philosophy is nondual (Atman). From the Eastern perspective, all experience finds its origins in consciousness (including first, second, and third person experiences) and consciousness is primary. This approach to knowledge is based upon personal investigation and practices toward direct experiential knowing (e.g., practices such as breathing techniques, meditation, visualizations, chanting, etc.), while the western approach to knowledge is rooted in materialism, focused primarily on observed (third person) experiences, and based upon theories, ideas, and a conceptual understanding.

By taking an Eastern approach, first person experiences are honored (dreams, altered states, psychosis, etc.) and second person research methodologies (inter-subjective engagement, collaboration) become possible. In Asia, there is over 2500 years of experimentation and exploration based upon a nondual foundational premise (Advaita, Dzogchen, Zen, Taoism). Also prominent in the Eastern approach is the role of nature and our relationship within it.

CSTS will bring together the greatest minds from the East and West to advance the collective field of knowledge toward greater understanding. This event series will encourage the development of new technologies, products, and services with particular focus in the areas of education, mental health, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, and management. This kind of cross-cultural knowledge exchange is necessary to address the many thorny problems facing today’s global society, and to bring about a shift toward a more harmonious future.

World Peace comes from
Inner Peace

What to expect?

Conference Plenary Talks on:

  • Language and consciousness
  • Dreams and lucid dreaming
  • Transformative technologies
  • Artificial intelligence and conscious machines
  • Human potential
  • Chinese Medicine and Eastern philosophy
  • Origin of Life
  • Organisational culture based upon personal development
  • Cosmology and fundamental physics
  • Perception and reality
  • Transpersonal psychology
  • Intersubjective experiences
  • Music and consciousness
  • Virtual reality
  • Neuroeconomics, empathy and ‘the greater good’
  • Taoism and sustainability
  • Social enterprise
  • Cryptocurrency ​

Conference Activities includes:

  • Interactive art installations
  • Multi-sensory surprises
  • Yoga, Meditation, and Healing sessions
  • Nutritious and yummy food
  • Technology Demos
  • Virtual Reality Demos
  • Transformative Technologies Exhibition
  • Startups meet VCs
  • Live art performances
  • Birds of a feather gatherings for co-creation among participants
  • Experiential workshops ​

Other Parallel Themes:

  • Share Practices
  • Business and Consciousness
  • Philosophy
  • Attention & Memory
  • Life Science
  • VR, AR & MR
  • Medical Treatment
  • Zen Consciousness Technology
At FuYue Hotel
SongJiang (Shanghai)